Don't Kill my Vibe


Brighten up Foil


Burst of color accent


Endless Color Balyage


Highlights or lowlights are perfect if you want to give your hair a bit of a color boost, even if you have color already. They're also a great way to start off coloring your hair for the first time as you retain some of your natural shade too.

They're also great for lighting up the face; illuminating and injecting life into your hair's colour can work wonders for your skin tone!

"Traditional Ombre - where the top of the hair is dark and the bottom is light, with slight blending between - has evolved into something much more subtle, blended and textured. Lighter pieces are being taken up higher, particularly around the face, and the lower lengths of the hair have ribbons of colour running through; it's a much more wearable, natural look and really enhances any natural texture and layering in the cut." It's called a Sombre'.. 




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